Being an ER Nurse

WELL! Overwhelming is an understatement. My first shift in the ER was bananas! I was called to the trauma bay and coded a patient for about 45 min… Unfortunately he did not live.. this was actually my first death as a nurse… Needless to say I felt very comfortable and prepared in attempting to save his life.

In the Emergency department you are constantly admitting patients, discharging patients, boarding patients, saving patients, and sobering up drunk patients and treating Over dose patients… Yes its crazy in the ED, but its a crazy that you eventually get good at. I think I can throw in an IV, draw labs, hang fluids, obtain vitals, and get an EGK in under ten minutes. lol Like I said, its a crazy that you get used to. ER nursing is very different from floor nursing. There is much more autonomy in ER nursing. You get a full assessment and pretty much tell the doctor what you think is going on, they double check and together the two of you treat the pt accordingly. I didn’t think I would… But I love it. Its a  constant adrenaline rush in the ED lol. Never knowing whats coming in is a part of the excitement. IMG_8080bathroom selfies at work…. lol

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