Black Girl in Japan (lol)

japan_header.jpgThe last few days I have been reading various blogs about Japan. While I am so very excited to go I am not excited about the 23hour flight with layover in China. Apparently Japan is one of the cleanest and most polite places in the world! I was told to carry trash bags with me because they rarely have trash cans outside yet no one litters! Also we will have to take off our shoes when entering a home or a restaurant, if we use the restroom they will provide slippers to wear into the restroom. Also in Japan, we have to bring our own toilet paper! lol They have fancy toilets in some places where the toilet has a warmer, plays music, washes you, and Dries you!!!! lol On the flip side in some rural areas they have toilets that are literally holes in the ground lol. In japan tipping is considered rude (Im not mad at that!) There are too many differences to list but I am excited to experience them all! They have the best metro system in the world! Can wait to hop on and off of those trains! We will climb Mt Fuji and go to a Sumo match as well as a night club! Tokyo and Kyoto Here I come!

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