Japan Adventure!!!



So I’m super duper late! I want to share my travel experience to Tokyo, Japan with you all!!! It was nothing short of amazing and very affordable. I read countless blogs before venturing out. Some experiences held true for me, while others… not so much. I have been asked about my favorite experience about Japan many times, my answer remains the same.. the TOILETS!!! lol I know I know crazy right. For starters, Tokyo is a very clean and well kept city. Every one there takes pride in being clean, neat, and tidy– the bathrooms were not excluded lol. So… the toilets have bidets , they are warm, and some play music. There are multiple bidets settings, choose what you like 😉 lol.

On a more serious note, I thoroughly enjoyed the food! The food was affordable and filling. From the rice variations, and ramen to the pork and chicken dishes… I could not get enough!

Japan is a city that is very efficient. Although, the hotel room was very small, it was very efficient. Everything was just an arm reach away lol. I’m sure some others may not have enjoyed the size of the rooms… I, for one, had no complaints. The bathroom was great ;), there was even a full, very deep bathtub in the bathroom–that I took a liking to. I stayed at an APA hotel in Shinjuku. The people in Tokyo were very friendly and soft spoken… To be such a large city, it was actually a quiet city. Ironically enough you could be walking down a very busy street, elbow to elbow; turn the corner and stroll down a completely deserted street. I kind of liked that aspect as I am not a huge fan or crowds. Something else I found interesting is that during the week, EVERY man wears a suit and tie, EVERY SINGLE ONE! and they play video games in the arcades. Where I stayed was reminiscent of Times Square, only Times Square times 100. So there were many arcades, and the men were addicted to these arcades during the week and weekend!

While in Tokyo I did a lot of walking around. I walked to a few shrines, parks, and even other boroughs. That in itself was a wonderful experience. I got the opportunity to shop at a few flea markets where I purchased a few kimonos! Yes! i purchased them used because brand new kimonos are very expensive! Beautiful and I’m sure very worth it, But because I am not of this culture I did not feel inclined to purchase the full attire. I only purchased the robe aka the obi 😉 lol.

I spent some time in Yokohama and Yokosuka as well. Just a day though. I also ventured out to Mt. Fuji! Only I didn’t actually see Mt. Fuji because it was a raining/cloudy day. I did, however, enjoy my journey to Mt. Fuji. I got to see the suburban homes and walk down the “walk of the gods.”

Tokyo is most definitely a place that I will revisit in the future. There is so much to see and experience! I truly enjoyed every bit of my stay.


Good to know about your visit to Tokyo

  1. Do not tip anyone, they take offense to it, as if your are paying them to do a better job or to provide a better service.
  2. Carry a trash bag in your back pack. There aren’t may public trash cans around.. lol
  3. wear comfy shoes
  4. when receiving money into your hands, hold both hands out together to receive it. Same for handing off money. Place the money in the palm of your hands when giving it.
  5. Dont point in any direction. Use your entire hand to point, even if its an item on the food menu.
  6. When someone holds up an X with their arms that means that entity or place of business is closed.
  7. Don’t play with you chop sticks, or your food with your chop sticks. It’s disrespectful
  8. Remember who ever bows the lowest wins!!! lol

I hope this post helps anyone traveling to Tokyo!!!


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