One Year Natural!!!

Soooo… Lol Im late with this post as well. My one year natural (post big chop) was the end of August. This journey has had many ups and a few downs. Initially when I chopped my hair I thought to myself OH EM GEEEEE what did I just do!!! Lol. After the initial shock I started to enjoy my curls and the short look (which did not last long). I enjoyed wearing head bands and experiencing new hair products. The mini afro stage was hard to adjust to… Head bands and studs were my best friend lol. There has been times during this journey when I though I was ugly. I thought I had taken my own beauty away. After constantly starring into the mirror I began to embrace my features and my texture. High cheek bones, almond eyes, wavy roots and curly ends, and brown sugar colored skin… I embraced my natural beauty one day at a time. Being natural has been somewhat of an awakening. You don’t need long hair, weaves, or wigs to be beautiful. You don’t have to be a certain complexion, weight, or shape to be attractive. Your hair, your skin, your shape is absolutely perfect the natural way it occurs. The way God intended you to be IS the most beautiful you. Not only was I awakened to my own natural beauty, but I began to see the natural beauty in other women, black women, in particular. We are so naturally gorgeous. Every curve of our lips, hips, and thigh– every kink and curl of our hair! I so hate to hear the term “good hair” how can hair be good or bad…? They way it grows is good. All hair is Good, God didn’t create anything bad…..


I Love my natural!



  1. Coconut oil
  2. treseme conditioner (I leave it in)
  3. Eco styler gel for edges
  4. Thats it for now! I change up my routine every two months or so…
  5. Shae moisture is great 🙂

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