Home town of Bey!

SOOOOO I have been in Houston now for about one month!!!! I am so excited to be writing on my blog, yes, its been a while! Houston is great thus far! There are so many great places to eat, drink, and of course watch football!!! One breakfast spot that I fell in love with is Snooze A.M. eatery located on Montrose. OH EM GEEE!!! The food is amazing! But make sure you get there early because they close at 2pm. The prices are affordable and the food is out of this world! I ordered a breakfast pot-pie and had a pineapple upside-down pancake on the side! I ate every bite with my eyes closed– Yes it was just that good! So yes I have been enjoying the great food spots in Houston. I have been trying to visit the museums as well. Houston has a museum district also located very close to Montrose, however, the exhibit I visited was at the Buffalo Bayou Park. I went to visit an exhibit at the Cistern (built in the early 1900s, was Houston’s clean water system) called “Rain” by Magdelana Fernandez. The was a riveting site. So the group walks into the very dark cistern, and as your eyes adjust the sounds of snaps, drums, and claps fill your ears as your eyes then begin to see splashes of light hitting the 260 columns–emulating the sounds and appearance of a thunder storm. It was a sight unseen before. Houston has some pretty unique places and restaurants! and I am excited to share them all as I experience them.

As a travel nurse, I feel like I adjusted smoothly. I found my way around the hospital rather quickly and feel that my previous experiences as a nurse has greatly prepared me for this journey. My co-workers are very nice and have invited me out places.

I made the switch from night shift to day shift and I Love it!!!!!! I’m a much more happier person working day shift! If you have ever worked nights and switched to days as a nurse you know what I mean.

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I feel as if my time will go fast here in Houston… I wish it would slow down, I am really enjoying this place….Cali is up next… stay tuned


A Houston first… I tried CRAWFISH!!! I was totally creeped out at first and needed to wear gloves in order to eat them… lol.




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