A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish…


savings blog picHey world!!! I have been very eager to share with you all my savings tips. It is very important to be physically fit, mentally fit, AND financially fit!!! First things first– it is never to early to start saving for your retirement. Start now!!! most employers offer 401k plans to give you a jump start and will make contributions to your account giving you MORE money towards your retirement… please take advantage of this benefit if it is a part of your package! There is also an IRA option for retirement that you can pay into independently. Its important to set yourself for a financially free future– don’t put it off… do it now! (If you have further questions please comment below)

Ok, Now I would like to speak to you all about your savings accounts… You must first set a goal. For example, tell yourself you would like to save X amount for the year (i.e $3,000). And no matter what happens DO NOT touch it! You should have a long term savings account. This account should be for a child’s school fund, or used for buying a house… etc.

Another and separate account is a rainy day account; that is used for just that. Say your car breaks down or needs new breaks, or your roof is leaking and you need it to be repaired… That is a what your rainy day account is for. Each pay take a small amount and set it aside (i.e $25.00), again do not touch this money until you have an emergent need. A little goes a long way and adds up!


It is important to make your savings goals realistic. Do not try to save so much that you are unable to pay your responsibilities. Save what you can and spend wisely.

How many of us go into Walmart for one or two items and come out with a full shopping cart? My strategy for going shopping for one or two items is to NEVER get a shopping cart or a basket. If I am planning on getting only one or two items I will only buy what I can carry with my hands. If I cannot carry it I do not need it at this time. It WORKS!!! try it!!!

Use coupon apps!!! My favorite coupon app is iBotta!!! Its a cash back app (rebates). I currently have about $30.00 worth of rebates from using this app. Its sooooo easy! You just purchase your items, save the receipt, and scan the items and your receipt when you get home and POW! you get your cash back! Cartwheel at target is another favorite app of mine! There is also an app called Digit that I absolutely adore! This app saves for you! It analyzes your spending habits and takes out small amounts from your account that you barley even  notice was removed (about $5.00-10.00 per week). This app gives you daily updates of your checkings and savings accounts. You are able to withdraw your money whenever you wish. Before I knew it I had $300.00 sitting in this savings account and didn’t even notice the withdraws coming form my checking account. (please comment and share your favorite app below).  Every little bit counts when it comes to saving!


With all things you must plan. When it comes to saving for your future, planning is an essential part of it all. Set a goal and work towards it. I know this post wasn’t too detailed, but I hope it gives you some insight, and inspiration as well as a starting point!!! Happy saving all!!!!! 🙂



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