New Blog Alert!!!!

Hey guyzzz!!!! How have you all been??? So Im excited to have changed my blog around a little bit, it needed a little face lift if you will & new content! So as some of you know I am finishing up my Mastser’s degree and cannot wait!!!!! I have a fake graduation in May (just to walk– whomp whomp) then I’ll have two months of school left! In August I will have my pinning ceremony! Going to an intense one year, in class, full time program is CRAY CRAY! I could not work and had to devote 100% of my time and attention to school (4.0 baby!), however being in Miami isn’t so bad (UM… The U). SO any ways I wanted to share with you all my journey. My journey as it relates to my career, travel, my lifestyle, and tidbits of my love life (gotta keep some areas of my life private… hee hee hee). Ive recently had the opportunity to travel to Haiti on a medical mission which was absolutely life changing (definitely going back! Soon!), but Ill tell you all much more about that later.  I would like to most certainly place some emphasis on my journey to becoming a Nurse Practitioner. It’s not easy, at all. I want to share with you all information on my experience as it relates to studying, clinical practice, algorithms, and credentialing (which I am still learning) lol. Anyways I’d love for you all to email me, post a message etc. if you have any questions, comments, or even just encouraging words 🙂

Ill try my best to post biweekly tidbits for you all! Thanks for reading and have an amazing week!NP pic



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