Transitioning from RN to NP

I’m sure you remember being a brand new RN on your floor and I am sure those memories and thoughts exposes all of your fears and anxieties that you had on your very first day. Just as those fears subsided and that anxiety diminished your transition from RN to NP will also get easier.


As a new NP the first step to take would be to become Board Certified through either the American Association of Nurse Practitioner (AANP) or through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). It does not matter which you decide they both are certifying bodies. I would suggest to take boards as early as possible. I actually took the AANP exam before I graduated ( ask me how via email)… I wouldn’t suggest that for everyone, but try not to wait more than 3 months. I would also suggest to take a review course, Barkley’s is very good– and use a review book; I really like the Leik book ( I read it 3 times cover to cover). Once you take and pass the test you are set! You will be certified! You will also need to apply for your state license as an Advanced Practiced Registered Nurse, this is done through your state of course… So every state is different- log on to your state’s Board of Nursing to do this. Once you have your License + your Certification you can apply for Jobs!!!


Now, this is the hard part… If you did not get a job offer from your clinical rotations then this part is difficult. Apply for everything! Apply everyday! Some markets are more saturated than others so it maybe very difficult in those saturated markets. Be sure to apply everyday and even call to check the status of your application. Don’t give up. It’s difficult because much like the RN, most places want one year of experience… Just keep applying.

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